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Architecture of Observation Towers

It seems to be human nature to enjoy a view, getting the higher ground and taking in our surroundings has become a significant aspect of architecture across the world. Observation towers which allow visitors to climb and observe their surroundings, provide a chance to take in the beauty of the land while at the same time adding something unique and impressive to the landscape.

Model Making In Architecture

The importance of model making in architecture could be thought to have reduced in recent years. With the introduction of new and innovative architecture design technology, is there still a place for model making in architecture? Stanton Williams, director at Stirling Prize-winning practice, Gavin Henderson, believes that it’s more important than ever.

Can Skyscrapers Be Sustainable

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We are leading manufacturers of bent glass in kochi, kerala. We also deal all kinds of glass like toughened glass, laminated glass,dgu, heat resistant glass to name a few.We provide across kerala a wide range of toughened glass end products like shower partitions and enclosures, glass pergolas, frameless toughened glass partitions and doors, office partition, glass works for projects, stainless steel and wooden handrails with glass , structural glazings etc..

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About us

We are leading manufacturers of bent glass in kochi, kerala. We also deal all kinds of glass like toughened glass etc..
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